Science Technology Solar energy and power

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The most readily available energy is solar power and through technology, we can harness this power for our daily use. The sun rays that send its rays onto the earth give us so much free energy that the whole world can last the entire year. Research shows that only one tenth of one percent global energy demand is what is produced by solar power.

The Solar Source: Electricity generation from solar power is a better and cleaner alternative to the electricity that we get from fossil fuels. The advantage is that there is no air and water pollution, definitely no global warming and definitely no threat or danger to public health. The source is truly enormous and absolutely unimaginable. All that we need is eighteen days of sunshine on earth and this is compared to all the earth’s resources of oil, natural gas, and coal. The energy of the sun contains one thousand three hundred watts per square meter. Once the energy reaches the atmosphere, about one- third of it is reflected back to space while the rest is directed to the surface of the earth. Mathematically, a square meter collects four point two kilowatts hours of energy each and every day. This roughly equal to one barrel of oil every year.

How do we convert solar energy into electricity?  There are photovoltaic panels that capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. hiuThere are rooftop PV panels in practically every part of the United States. Thus in a sunny place like Los Angeles, a five- kilowatt residential system produces about eight thousand kilowatts hours per year. Now that is equal to the electricity usage of a single typical US household. As late as twenty thousand and fifteen there were almost eight PV panels installed on rooftops across the United States. This served about thirty – five million households in America. Besides the PV panels, there is also large -scale PV projects that convert sunlight into electricity. These projects have the range of hundreds of megawatts which can install millions of solar panels all over a large area of land.


Rooftop solar panels and its benefits: Rooftop solar has always been useful business and home owners. The idea is to shift to clean and affordable electricity in the United States. This is practically visible on every rooftop of homes and business houses. It was between the year two thousand and eight and the year two thousand and fourteen, that there was an increase of fifty percent solar rooftops. Solar energy is the best alternative energy that humans can shift to. A five- kilowatt solar system could generate the equivalent of two- thirds a household will use. Many households and business houses have been attracted to the solar power because of its benefits. It also helps one to generate one’s  power and the competitive price of electricity that these systems provide. Reduction in technology prices and growing network of solar installer’s has helped to keep the price down for household systems.